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​​Are you Licensed and Insured?

Yes. We are professionals! Safety first.

Do you take the poop with you?

Yes, of course! All the bombs are removed from your property. On occasion some bombs cannot be removed because they are frozen in a shady corner of your yard, lurking beneath piled leaves, or we happened to blink at a bad moment.


​How do protect my dog(s) and yard from the transfer of poo-based disease?

Our tools and foot wear are disinfected after each service. This does not guarantee anything, (think dog parks!) but we do our part to control what we can.

What do you do with all the poop?

In accordance with local regulations, it is hauled off to the landfill.


Can you compost dog poop?
Not easily...mostly due to (2) reasons: our climate, and the fact that your dog is eating processed, reconstituted food with preservatives in it. Deer & geese are eating whole, natural, vegetarian foods and it will disappear more quickly. Feed your dog a raw diet and their poop will disappear faster (but then you’ll have to deal with maggots and flies).


Why does my dog poop so much?
If you feel your dog is aggressively eliminating, chances are you are either overfeeding them or you feed your dog low quality food. An average dog eating good quality food poops 15-18 times each week—puppies more, really old dogs less. Some breeds, like Boxers, poop more than others.

Why does my dog eat poop?
Have you ever tried cat poop? It tastes good! Eating their own poop can be in indication of poor digestion, illness, or boredom. Try switching brands and formulas of dog food and introducing regular exercise. If your dog is on antibiotics, be aware that antibiotics destroy their digestive flora and can be countered with digestive enzymes and/or Acidophilus tablets, the same thing that’s in yogurt.

Do you give dogs treats?
Nope. Most of our dogs are fat and we don’t dare give them any more to eat. Sometimes we will give cookies to a dog that isn’t sure if we are OK, but that is rare --- because dogs like us!

Is it OK for my dog to be outside when you come?
Depends on the dog. Most of our dogs are really happy to see us and vice-versa. Some are guard dogs and are just doing their job and will send us to the ER if they’re given the chance—those dogs need to be confined! Dogs act differently when you are not home, so if you’re not sure about yours, keep them inside or call to arrange for a meeting when you are home. If your dog won’t let us in the yard, we’ll let you know.

How does it work?
After the initial information is gathered over the phone (or submitted through the website) it’s pretty simple—we sneak into your yard and steal your shit!


Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope. Service can begin or end with a simple phone call to: 541-617-1900.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. This is the preferred method of payment.


​How do you bill?
For weekly service, once your credit card is on file, we process your payment info the first week of each month. The Bomb Squad is a pre-pay service. For a one time clean-up, we require the payment information upfront. Once your yard is cleaned and the time and quantity of waste removed is recorded, we will charge your credit card.


Do you have a rush fee for same day service?

Yes, we do! Regular service rate + $50 guarantees same day service. We can beat the arrival of your in-laws who are intent on having a backyard BBQ.

What areas in Deschutes County do you serve?

Bend and Redmond are the areas that The Bomb Squad services. We will make special trips in dire circumstances, but a mileage fee will be applied to the regular service rate.


Can I pick which day my yard gets serviced?
Nope. While we try to be as accomodating as we can, we do have a route to follow and where your address falls into our route will determine the day(s) of service.

What happens when it rains?
We wear raingear, pick up soggy poop, and suffer!

What happens when it snows?
Snow over an 1" deep prevents our ability to see the old, we get the day off. We will continue service as soon as possible. Some yards melt off sooner than others (based on aspect, shadows, etc) but when the snow finally does melt, your yard will be thoroughly cleaned at no additional charge. Please note, no credit will be issued for snow days because the poop is still there, waiting for us...!

Why does my dog’s pee kill the grass?

A healthy dog’s urine (both male and female) will kill the grass, if this is a problem for you, train them to pee somewhere else! We know plenty of dogs that are trained to potty in specific areas, like only on wood chips or gravel. Giving your dog pills to prevent grass burns will alter your dog’s Ph balance and can lead to serious health problems in the long run. Also, the higher the percentage of protein in the diet, the more the grass will be killed. However, some breeds require a higher amount of protein (pitts, rotties, huskies) than others to maintain optimal health.


Why does my dog's urine stink?
Intact males have a strong odor...chop those balls off and feed your dog a high quality food. Stinky urine can also be caused by a urinary tract infection, take a sample to your vet.

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