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Since 2001 The Bomb Squad has been removing canine landmines from properties throughout Deschutes County. For 22 years we have specialized in Pet Waste Removal and Management. In plain and simple terms: we professionally manage poop!


Whether a weekly service, a one time clean-up or creating/maintaining a specialized Pet Waste Management Plan for a residential community, The Bomb Squad looks forward to the mess!

Please call: 541-617-1900


​​**Rate Exceptions: $5.00 per week will be added to the standard rates in the instances of:

  • additional "guest dogs" (more dogs = more waste!)

  • a very large yard

  • a remote location

  • additional / requested garbage and debris pick-up



Weekly service is the best value for a consistently clean yard!

Sometimes you get behind...or the snow melts! We can help get you cleaned up!

**RUSH FEE: If you require same day service for your One Time Clean-Up, an additional $50 is our mandatory same day service fee.

If you would like an estimate prior to service, no problem! Call 541-617-1900 or:

Pet Waste Management Plan (Communities, HOA's, Apt/Condo Complex)          

The Bomb Squads Pet Waste Management Plans are specialized, comprehensive, and affordable programs to design, install, and maintain Pet Waste Management Systems within your community. Please contact The Bomb Squad for more details to get started!



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